How To Sort Through The Holiday Hype And Find The Best Car Product Deals

              How To Sort Through The Holiday Hype And Find The Best Car Product Deals Shine Armor

How To Sort Through The Holiday Hype And Find The Best Car Product Deals

Posted by ShineArmor on November 14th 2018

For a true car enthusiast, any holiday is the perfect moment to get your car to look as pristine and shiny as you bought it. However, the risk of the upcoming holiday is getting sidetracked by the hype, low prices and over-the-top ads that rarely hold up the value they promise. For this reason, we’ve made it our professional (and moral) duty to help you sort out the hype and find the best product car deals. Read on to learn more in this article of shine armor blog!

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Pro-Tip # 1: Quality Matters

Let’s begin by sorting out the obvious: Don’t go for low prices and shiny ads.

No matter the cost, your car is still an expensive piece of equipment that deserves the utmost care you can afford. Because of this, buying cheap just because it’s ‘convenient’ or the ad looked ‘convincing’ are not good ways to protect your investment.

This may sound counterintuitive at first, but think about it: If you’re spending money in cheaper products, you’re not getting 100% the results you’re being promised, therefore, you need to buy additional products in order to get the whole value of your purchase.

Putting quality first is still the best way to save money in the long run.

Pro-Tip # 2: Is It Proven?

Research goes a long way in ensuring you’re getting your whole money’s worth.

When you’re in the store, it’s very easy to go for the products that are the ‘eye-candy’ of the aisle or the ones that have the better bundling promos. Even the manager or his/her assistants can convince you into buying a product of mediocre quality just because they’re getting additional compensation for pushing that brand forward.

It may seem like a hassle at first, but taking the time to read through the labels carefully, researching online for customer reviews and videos, and see if there’s any sustainable evidence that backs up the claims is the way to go for a true car enthusiast.

Pro-Tip # 3: Talk To Your Local Detailer

Sure, we’re all in for creating and promoting products that allow you to get a professional level of detailing that you can do yourself. However, in order to ensure a smoother and better looking detailing experience, nothing beats talking to somebody that does this for a living.

Take an hour (or maybe 2) of your time, and invest in learning all you can about detailing from a pro. Don’t shy away from asking what he uses regularly not only for his clients but also his personal vehicle.

Professionals rarely fall for the hype, since building a business that lasts requires happy and satisfied customers in the long run.

Pro-Tip # 4: Who’s That?

It’s not a rare occurrence that smaller and unknown brands decide to push their budget into marketing themselves to appear bigger than they are. And again, this is why you shouldn’t go for the shiniest ad of the bunch,

The reality of any business is: Brands that don’t provide their customers with what they need don’t last too long. Period.

Unless the results, the evidence, and the reviews are undeniable, staying away from a brand that’s just starting out (less than 5 years) is a wise decision. Even if they’re not the biggest name of the bunch, going for a brand that has sold consistently for 10+ years is a good way to ensure a decent degree of quality for what you’re getting.

Now that you know this...which is your best option?

So, what if you’re looking for a brand that has all of the list below:

20 years of industry experience
A proven formula for its products
Constant positive customer feedback
Easy to use, reliable detailing products.
All around decent prices for the quality you’re getting
Then it’s high-time you experience what Shine Armor’s products can do for your car and your lifelong trust my friend. Still not convinced? We’re so confident in our quality and results we offer:

“Armor Plated” 100% Guarantee
Try it risk free for 30-days or your money back

Experience the look and feel of your car’s coat in pristine showroom condition. Everyone will envy the brilliant, flawless, ceramic shine of your car that looks 100% professional, all in just one water free application. You’ll be amazed by what Fortify Quick Coat can do for your car, or we’ll give you your money back in our 30-Day-Money Back Guarantee!

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