Why Detailing Your Car Should Be Done Weekly

              Why Detailing Your Car Should Be Done Weekly Shine Armor

Why Detailing Your Car Should Be Done Weekly

Posted by ShineArmor on November 14th 2018

Detailing your vehicle weekly is a key factor in maintaining the longevity of your vehicle. A weekly detail will protect your car, increases your safety, and could even save you money. Learn why you should detail your car below:

1. Protection from the Elements

Your car has a clear coat installed over your cars paint protecting your car from the elements. Over time, your clear coat will break down from sun, rain, snow, and sand depending on where you live. A weekly detail will protect your clear coat and will prevent your clear coat from breaking down so your paint will stay protected.

2. Preserve Paint Condition

Your cars paint is affected by dirt and debris from the road when you drive. Dirt and debris from the road can cause scratches and defects in your vehicles paint. To ensure protection from dirt and scratches a weekly detail is recommended. During a detail wax and ceramic coating is applied, restoring your cars shine while also providing a protective shield to your paint.

3. Improving Safety

To increase safety while you drive your mirrors and windows should be clear of dirt, dust, and debris from the road. Detailing your vehicle weekly will ensure clean windows and will help increase safety while you drive.

4. Improve and Maintains Your Vehicle’s Value

If you plan on selling or trading your vehicle, it is important to keep your car protected and looking great. Detailing your car weekly will remove scratches, prevent rust, and even protect your car from future damage. This will help maintain your vehicles value and could even increase your vehicles value when you go to sell your car or trade it.

5. Fuel Efficiency

Dirt, dust, and debris creates a drag on your vehicle which will burn more fuel. Detailing your car weekly will cleanse your car of any dirt, dust, and debris making your car more fuel efficient. Burning less fuel can save you money.

An important part of maintaining your car is detailing your car weekly. This will protect your car, increase safety, and even save you money. Now detailing your car can sound very time consuming. However, there is a great product that will save you time and money. That product is Shine Armor. Shine Armor is an all in one product that washes, coats, and seals in only and it only takes 10 to 15 minutes.

  • It only takes 15 minutes to treat your whole car, rather than 5 hours!
  • Simple to use, comes in an 8oz spray bottle.
  • A fraction of the price of car waxing.
  • 20x stronger than any wax or sealant, one coat can last up to 6 months.
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic and bio-degradable.

And discover the difference for yourself!

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