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For car lovers, there aren’t many feelings better than driving down the road in your vehicle. Even if you aren’t auto-obsessed, it’s hard not to get a great feeling cruising down the road to your destination.

Your car gets you where you need to be, and in return, you take care of it to make sure it lives a long and healthy life. This includes work under the hood, getting the oil changed, not letting trash accumulate under your seats.

But it also includes making sure your car is clean on the outside. Your exterior is important; it’s what people see and what holds together every other element of your ride.

Give your car the best treatment it can get with our line of exterior cleaning and polishing products because you know it deserves it.

A regular wash with our Ultra Concentrated Car Wash Soap all have you shining in the sun. Get some dirt on your tires? Rejuvenate them back to life with our Pristine Tire Shine Gel, and feel like you just rolled off the lot.

Your car takes a lot of beatings from the outside world. Whether it’s dust and dirt from the road, rough weather coming down, or birds doing…their business.

At Shine Armor, we’re passionate about cars of all shapes and sizes, and no matter what level of emotional investment you have in your vehicle, we know that having a clean car is important to every driver’s life.

We even have products specifically designed for your safety. Our Nano Glass Hydrophobic Windshield Coating and Anti-Fog Hero spray were made to make sure that no matter what the conditions are outside, you can see clearly while driving.

Our wide variety of cleaning products are there to do the work for you when it comes to keeping the exterior of your car clean. Because you and your car deserve the best.