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While the crisp, clean exterior of your car is what people see as you cruise down the street, the interior is what you and your passengers enjoy while driving. 

You don’t want to spend all that time washing and polishing the outside of your car just to have people pop down into a musty seat. Make sure you’re taking the best care of your interior you can so that you ride in luxury no matter what’s going on outside. 

Whether you have leather or upholstery, keep the inside of your car fresh with Shine Armors interior cleaning products. Our advanced cleaning agents take your used and abused interiors and breathe some new life into them. 

Dust, grease, and unwanted spots are no match against our advanced Upholstery and Interior Cleaner, equipped with an easy-to-use use nozzle for an effortless cleaning experience. 

If your sweet ride is rocking a higher quality material like leather, our clients rave about our Leather Cleaner and Conditioner. You can use it on literally any leather products you have with confidence, even those shoes you bought that need a shine up. Our advanced, PH-balanced formula will keep your leather protected and moisturized for up to six months after a treatment, prolonging its life and beauty for years to come. 

Be careful when you use our Odor Eliminators; you might just end up spending all your time in your car smelling the fresh scents of Eucalyptus, Lavender, Leather, or Pumpkin Spice. At only eight ounces a bottle, our scent sprays pack a punch with long-lasting, properly balanced smells that replace any lingering funk your interior might be carrying. 

Shine Armor’s interior cleaning products are there for you and your ride, so you can be confident that the inside of your car is looking and smelling just as good as it does on the outside.