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Crisp+ Ceramic Glass Cleaner

Crisp+ Ceramic Glass Cleaner

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Product Information
Crisp+ is a modern glass cleaner that contains the same active in topical glass sealants to create a combination of cleaning and protection. Repeated usage of Crisp+ will result in easier subsequent cleanings and leaves the glass slick and smooth. Does not contain ammonia or other corrosive surfactants.

  • Just spray, wipe and lightly buff to a water-repelling shine
  • It’s a glass cleaner, first and foremost. But it’s easy to use, no streaks, and has great cleaning ability
  • The PLUS (+) means its infused with SI02 and has the same properties 
  • Your windows will even get some hydrophobic abilities PLUS some protection while you use it due to this SI02 addition
  • You can coat your glass with nano glass, and the Crisp+ is going to work in harmony with it and even replenish it a little bit.