How is Fortify Quick Coat different than others in the marketplace

              How is Fortify Quick Coat different than others in the marketplace Shine Armor

How is Fortify Quick Coat Different Than Others in the Marketplace

Posted by ShineArmor on November 22th 2018

1. How is Fortify Quick Coat different than others in the marketplace?

Due to its modern formula, Fortify Quick Coat actually dissolves the dirt/grime on contact. Other products in the marketplace are ONLY waxes or silicone (some of those are made with a 30+ years old technology) which are used to brighten/polish surfaces.

While some of the other solutions in the marketplace don’t last as long as this one, Fortify Quick is designed to last for a very long time (you can go online and see the reviews) It is truly the most unique, and efficient, all-in-one product.

2. What shining and coating tech is different in Fortify quick coat vs others in the market?

Usually, most of our competitors will require your car to be absolutely clean or waxed, but not us. Fortify Quick Coat can be applied with some dirt on it, in the sun, or in the shade - anytime/anywhere.

Fortify Quick Coat makes it easier, simpler and much more efficient.

3. Why is Fortify Quick Coat better than waxing your vehicle?

Waxes (which are considered to be ‘old technology’ in this business) normally evaporate at high temperatures and poor weather conditions. However, Fortify makes it simple to be a lasting fix, with a superior formula that can stand some serious temperatures and environmental conditions.

4. How long does the protection last typically (1 8oz bottle)?

It 100% depends on how well you maintain your vehicle and the type of environment you live in. However, anywhere between a 3-12 months (we recommend applying weekly for superior protection and best results).

5. Does Fortify Quick Coat Work on all types of surfaces?

You can use it on a lot of surfaces:

Rubber plastic, chrome, glass, a dashboard, on leather seats (although it may be a little slippery). You could even use it on your refrigerator!

6. Top 3 Pro Tips for using Fortify Quick Coat…

Well, for starters, use a microfiber towel folded in four, so once one side gets dirty, you can use the clean side easily. Now, if that gets dirty too, you can use a clean side again, so when applying it on the car, you use one part for the wet spots and wipe it off with the dry microfiber towel.

The more applications that you do = less product that you have to use + the stronger your protection gets!

Apply WEEKLY! Your vehicle is an investment that deserves to be maintained properly. There is NOTHING that can keep your vehicle 100% clean and protected with no maintenance.

7. Does Fortify Quick Coat Cause swirl marks?

Absolutely not.

Gently wipe (do not rub with all your might!) with the microfiber towel so it won't scratch anything. By doing this you’re ensuring it will pull away the dirt from the surface and you´ll have no scratches whatsoever.

8. Is Fortify Quick Coat a polymer based product?

Not at all, since it’s not a polymer or a wax based product.

9. Won’t Fortify Quick Coat scratch the car if you use it on a dirty car?

Fortify Quick is designed so it can be used on a dirty car and without the risk of scratching anything (if used correctly as explained before.) To reiterate, Fortify Quick Coat cuts dirt, grime, and grease on impact.

“Armor Plated” 100% Guarantee
Try it risk free for 30-days or your money back

Experience the look and feel of your car’s coat in pristine showroom condition. Everyone will envy the brilliant, flawless, ceramic shine of your car that looks 100% professional, all in just one water free application. You’ll be amazed by what Fortify Quick Coat can do for your car, or we’ll give you your money back in our 30-Day-Money Back Guarantee!

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