Why the Winter Time is the Most Important Time to Detail Your Car

              Why the Winter Time is the Most Important Time to Detail Your Car Shine Armor

Why the Winter Time is the Most Important Time to Detail Your Car

Posted by ShineArmor on December 12th 2018

Car owners often wonder:

"Should I detail my car in the winter. If so, are there any benefits? Is it really that important?"

The answer is to all those questions is yes. Here is why the winter time is the most important time to detail your car.

The number one opponent of your car’s finish is road salt.

Road salt will scratch your car’s paint. Road salt will also eat through your paints finish which will lead to rust. If you live in an area that does not salt the roads mud, snow, debris can trap moisture between your car’s paint which will lead to rust.

Multiple thorough details in the winter will keep your car clean and protected from salt, snow, and mud while preventing rust.

Just like the exterior the interior of the car needs to be detailed too.

The freezing temperatures and then the occasional bright and sunny day can cause damage to your car’s leather and vinyl. The drastic temperature change causes your leather and vinyl to contract and expand causing your leather and vinyl to crack. Every time you get into your car you are dragging in mud, snow, and other grime which causes the floor mats to take a beating. Chances are that your jacket or sweater are also bringing in snow which can cause destruction to your seats. Frequent vacuuming and conditioning of vinyl, plastic, leather, and cloth is vital and will protect your car’s interior from cracking and other damages.

The last reason on why you should detail your car in the winter is safety.

With, the icy and wet roads is when you need the most traction from your tires. However, freezing temperatures can damage your tires. The freezing temperatures and other winter elements can cause your car’s tires to deteriorate. Using appropriate tire cleaner will function as a barrier and repel winter’s elements from your tires.

Therefore, detailing your car in the winter time is the most important time.

Giving your car multiple thorough details will not only keep your car looking great but it will also protect your car from the winter's harsh elements and increase safety on the road. So, it’s time to put on your jacket, gloves, and hat and detail your car

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