6 Facts About Professional Car Washing

              6 Facts About Professional Car Washing

No at-home car wash with a hose and some dish soap can compare to the detail, precision, care, and excellence of a professional car wash. Getting your car back from the pros can feel like getting a new car! read this article from shine armor blog.

Here are 6 things you might not know the pros do to make your car look perfect:

Starting with a clean slate

Professional car washers have a perfect system, starting with removing everything from your car, and I mean everything. All the mats, inserts, and even the seats of your car if they are removable. This ensures that your vehicle doesn’t just come home “looking” clean, it comes back to you without even a spec of grime hidden under a floor mat.

Using the right type of rag

Regular rags and foam blocks might seem acceptable for a DIY car wash, but you’ll never see a real pro using one. Professional car washers use high-quality microfiber rags to avoid scratching or leaving swirls. That’s right, even if you rinse out a foam block, the debris and grit remains and can scratch up your vehicle with the next use.

No: foam, cloth rag, old clothes, beach towel

Yes: Microfiber rag, microfiber mitt

Buffing out imperfections

A little scratch here or there is unavoidable. That’s why professional car washers buff out imperfections before washing. This extra step virtually rewinds the clock on your car and maintains a “brand new car” look even years down the road.

They top with a wax coat

Waxing your car does more than make it look fantastic. It also helps keep water from sitting on your paint job, which can damage your paint job and age the appearance of your vehicle, really fast. A fresh coat of wax twice a year will keep your pain looking fresh and protected.

Applying for perfection

After all the buffing and cleaning is done, professional detailers and washers apply the final coat for perfection. They stay out of the sun to avoid excess product drying on the vehicle. They use fresh microfiber to apply and work in the wax. They polish and perfect for that glassy, mirror look. The list goes on!

Starting from the top down

When cleaning the inside of your vehicle, a professional always starts from the top and works down, so that gravity goes with them, and they don’t end up needing to clean an area twice or risk leaving any crumbs behind.

Still want to wash your car at home?

Your advanced DIY car wash shopping list from shine armor:

  1. Microfiber rags and towels
  2. Car-specific wash soap
  3. High-powered cordless vacuum
  4. Good quality synthetic wax

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