Why is DIY Headlight Restoration Necessary?

              Why is DIY Headlight Restoration Necessary? Shine Armor

How to Clean Headlights with Toothpaste & Restore Oxidation

Are your headlights foggy and discolored? Don’t bother bringing your car to a detailer. DIY clean your car headlights with something you already have at home: toothpaste! Toothpaste can be a surprisingly effective solution for cleaning headlights and restoring their clarity. Read on to learn more in this article of shine armor blog!

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Here are the steps to clean your headlights with toothpaste and restore oxidation:

What to prepare

Get started

  1. Clean the headlights: Using a soft cloth, wipe the headlights with soapy water to remove any surface dirt or grime.
  2. Apply toothpaste mixture: Mix toothpaste with baking soda and apply to a cloth and rub it onto the headlight in a circular motion. Apply with firm, even pressure so that it penetrates the oxidation.
  3. Reach the crevices: use your toothbrush to clean out all the crevices and seams.
  4. Buff the headlights: Continue to rub the toothpaste into the headlights for a few minutes, and then rinse the headlights with water. You'll likely notice a significant improvement after the first round!
  5. Repeat the process: If your headlights are still cloudy or discolored, repeat the process until they are clear and shining.
  6. Finish: Once you're satisfied, wipe the headlights with a clean, dry cloth to remove any excess toothpaste residue.

More tips for cleaning your headlights with toothpaste:

  • Use a soft cloth to prevent scratching the headlights.
  • Be patient! It may take multiple applications to fully restore your headlights.
  • Avoid using too much toothpaste. It can make the process difficult and less effective.
  • If your headlights are severely discolored or cloudy, consider taking your car to a professional for restoration.
  • Repeat this process every 3-4 months to keep the clouding at bay!

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With a little time and effort, you can restore your headlights to their former clarity and brightness, improving your driving experience and overall safety on the road.

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