What is Ceramic Coating? What Does It Do? 3 Reasons Why You Should Do It

              What is Ceramic Coating? What Does It Do? 3 Reasons Why You Should Do It Shine Armor

What is Ceramic Coating? What Does It Do?
3 Reasons Why You Should Do It

Posted by ShineArmor on December 12th 2018

If you detail cars whether professionally or by yourself at home, chances are that you have heard
someone mention the term “ceramic coat”. You have probably wondered what is ceramic coating, what
does it actually do, and should I do it? We will answer all those questions for you today in this article.

What is Ceramic Coating & What it Does it Do?

So, what is a ceramic coat? A ceramic coat is a liquid polymer that is applied to your car’s exterior. The ceramic coat uses nanotechnology, or in other words tiny particles that when applied will form a bond with your car’s paint creating a thin layer of protection. So, what does a ceramic coat do? It adds an additional layer of protection to your car’s paint while keeping your car looking like-new even. It even enhances your car’s gloss. It will also make detailing your car easier.

3 Reasons Why You Should Ceramic Coat Your Car

1. It basically repels everything (well mostly everything)

Ceramic coats are hydrophobic which means it is water repellent. This means when water hits your car it will bead up and will almost instantly repel off your car. It is so repellent that even mud, dirt and other debris will roll right off your car and won't be able to stick. This effect happens because water, dirt, and any other debris is not able to bond and stick to the paint because a ceramic coat is a thin layer between your paint and any element that tries and to come in contact.

2. Protects your car from the sun and UV rays

Your car is often exposed to the sun and ultraviolet rays. These ultraviolet rays are harmful to your car because it will cause your car’s paint to oxidize which will cause your paint to fade. Ceramic coating your car will add an extra layer of protection between your car’s paint and the harmful UV rays of the sun.

This will prevent oxidation and will protect your car’s paint from fading.

3. Makes detailing your car easier

One of the most noticeable benefits of ceramic coating your car is that it makes detailing your car easier.

Like we mentioned before ceramic coating is hydrophobic which means mud and other contaminates will cannot bond with your car’s paint. Since dirt and other contaminates are not able to bond this makes washing them off a much quicker and easier process.


The bottom line is ceramic coating is best protection for your car’s paint and you should ceramic coat your car. Some of you might say “Yeah you’re right, but isn’t it expensive?” the answer to that is not at all. With our product Fortify Quick Coat we can achieve the same results if not better for only 60% of the price of our competitors' products. Our product is a scientifically advance Si02 formula that will wash and ceramic coat your car at the same time. It will protect your car while leaving it with a perfect glossy shine.

If you want the best and most affordable product on the market then Fortify Quick Coat is for you.

“Armor Plated” 100% Guarantee
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Experience the look and feel of your car’s coat in pristine showroom condition. Everyone will envy the brilliant, flawless, ceramic shine of your car that looks 100% professional, all in just one water free application. You’ll be amazed by what Fortify Quick Coat can do for your car, or we’ll give you your money back in our 30-Day-Money Back Guarantee!

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