The Ultimate Dirt Protection Technology For Your Car Is Finally Affordable!

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The Ultimate Dirt Protection Technology For Your Car Is Finally Affordable!

Published by Mark Peter on September 08, 2019

There are way too many options for car detailing nowadays, more than enough to being able to catch up.

The decision of picking a product or service for your car is not like choosing cereal, where you can make a bad choice, and worst case scenario, you’ll pick another one tomorrow. Instead, you risk getting the most expensive soap of your life, or a cheap washed out product that will end up damaging your car, the environment, Willy the whale or whatever, and more importantly….

It will waste your money!

“Beware of chinese horrible knock-offs.” “Using these products on your car is like pouring acid on it.” “New scam on expensive waxing product, not waxing at all.” These three opinions are representative of what customers have to say about some products. And these are just some of the cold facts of trying to go cheap on your detailing options.

So, what do you need to know to choose wisely? That’s our social duty, and our objective today: breaking things down on car detailing products so you know what you should expect from them, and how long they should last. So, to get started, do you know what surfactants are?

Let’s get into it!

Expensive Soaps VS. Surfactants

First things first: The most basic thing you should check about the product you’re using is if it contains effective and powerful surfactants.

Now, you may be asking: “Should I take french fries with those?” Not yet. Let me explain…

Surfactants are the compound inside detergents and concentrated solutions for removing dirt, stains and dust. The major difference is that regular soaps (which are contained in most products) only push the dirt away, leaving it all over the place even if you are not able to see it. On the other hand, surfactants penetrate dirt and stains particles, lift and dissolve them.

Basically, the difference between a soap and a surfactant is the same between Yogi the Bear and the Terminator.

Makes sense, right?

How much water should you use?

Take a guess. Are you ready? The answer is…

NONE! And I’m not even kidding here.

It’s really easy to associate water with car cleaning and detailing, but the fact is, with the right product you shouldn’t need to drain an ocean’s worth of water on your car. Instead, you should expect to simply remove dirt with a dry cloth and then clean & protect the surface with your product… STILL DRY!

“Wait, all that hassle just to wash my car?”  

Yes, Captain Water Waste, all of that.

To be certain that the product is waterless, just make a research on the formula. There are no in betweens, either it is a money and water wasting product, or it’s an efficient game changer that saves money, water, and lives (well, it almost feels that way).

How many products should you use?

Time to close this case. If we’re looking for efficiency and saving time and money, the logical thing is to limit the number of products as well. Otherwise it would be like brushing your teeth with several toothpaste tubes each time!

This decision depends on what you’re trying to cover with it, but hands down, one single product should get the job done on its own without magic tricks, and without any major hassle for you.

If you really are into treating each tiny spot with the utmost care, you could have one product designed for the surface and another for the windows, but once again, AIMING FOR JUST ONE PRODUCT should do the trick.

Ok, by this point you may be thinking: “Just tell me the product that has it all, already!”

And you’re right! Let’s wrap it up.

Which waterless product is able to remove properly any kind of dirt and stains on the surface with powerful surfactants, clean the dirt, seal and protect, all at the same time?

The name is…

Shine Armor’s Fortify Quick Coat!

This DIY will replace your local car detailer, soaps, chemicals, voodoo or any kind of mumbo jumbo you may be currently applying. One single product, plenty of benefits!

Its effective formula contains the powerful Si02 technology which provides a waterless solution to lift and dissolve entirely the dirt and dust with its strong surfactants, as well as to seal and protect your car’s surface. Neither the sun nor the environment will do any harm at all.

Fortify Quick Coat single handedly provides:

  • The FULL benefits from Si02 technology.
  • A waterless car wash.
  • A superior paint sealant.
  • A silica maintenance spray.

One bottle, one product and huge savings for you in terms of time and money.

Cool, huh?

Then go and get yours over at Shine Armor and change entirely your car detailing game.

Need to feel safe about this decision? We got you covered!

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