Shine Armor Spray Wax Quick Coat: What Is It and How Can You Use It for Your Car

              Shine Armor Spray Wax Quick Coat: What Is It and How Can You Use It for Your Car Shine Armor

Waxing your vehicle can be a time-consuming and laborious process. But, if you want to make your car look its best, sometimes you have to roll up your sleeves and get to waxing. What if there was a type of protective wax that could provide full, auto detail-level shine and protection that could be applied in just minutes?

Enter Shine Armor’s Spray Wax Quick Coat. We know that full car detailing can be costly and time-consuming, so we went ahead and created a type of spray-on wax that’s good enough for everyone. Best of all, it can be applied in just a couple of minutes for lasting results.

Let’s take a deep dive into our best car wax and see what it can really do. Read on to learn more in this article of shine armor blog!

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What is Shine Armor Spray Wax Quick Coat? 

It’s professional quality wax you can apply to your car in no time! Regular wax often involves hours of laboring over the paint job of your vehicle, carefully rubbing in wax so you don’t ruin its color. With Shine Armor’s Spray Wax, you’ll be able to apply a generous coat of top-tier wax in just 15 minutes.

Shine Armor’s Spray Wax works just like any other kind of wax. It’ll seal the surface of your vehicle and prevent all kinds of dirt or debris from touching your prized car’s paint or finish. Even better, it does it all without leaving streaks or residue.

Since the wax can be applied with a spray canister, it doesn’t take nearly as much energy as applying traditional wax. It’s made with carnauba wax – the strongest type of wax in existence – along with a special blend of advanced polymers that can block UV radiation damage and other environmental contaminants like tar and oil.

Why carnauba wax? In short, this type of wax is the hardest ever created. It’s found in certain types of palm trees native to Brazil, and we purchase the highest-grade carnauba wax possible to then use in our proprietary formula. This guarantees excellent defense against dirt, oil, water, and any other type of contaminant you can imagine.

Plus, it won’t easily wash away, and it can even resist heat damage. This means that it’ll continue to protect your car and keep things looking great for weeks on end, even if you take your car out daily and expose it to inclement weather or that hot summer sunshine.

It can also protect you against scratches or swirls. Even if you already have a few minor scratches on your paint coat, our wax can help fill in those gaps and leave your car looking like it just came off a showroom floor or from a full car detailing service.

How To Use Shine Armor Spray Wax Quick Coat

Using Shine Armor’s Spray Wax is quick and easy, which is why we think so many people will prefer it over traditional wax products.

As mentioned, you can apply the wax using the spray canister that comes with your purchase. Spray the wax in a consistent layer across the surface of your car. You don’t have to hover or hesitate – move in straight lines and you’ll avoid leaving any puddles that smear later. Even larger cars can be covered in the wax in as little as 5 or 10 minutes.

After spraying the wax on your car, be sure to wipe it off with a microfiber cloth or a similar soft material after 15 minutes. You’ll wipe away leaving a slick surface and a glossy finish. The wax's polymers and compounds will bind to the finish of your vehicle, forming a hydrophobic layer that makes it almost impossible for water to seep through and break through the wax over time. 

After wiping away the wax, give it a test! Your car should be shining like never before. Feel free to place your hand on the wax. We’d be very surprised if even a single fingerprint was left behind.

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Best Practices for Shine Armor Spray Wax Quick Coat

When using Shine Armor’s Spray Wax, we’d recommend using a microfiber cloth when wiping the compounds away. This will prevent any fibers from being left behind, which might contaminate the wax layer and cause structural weaknesses that could cause the wax to break  over time.

Furthermore, you should always only use a mild amount of spray for every few inches of your vehicle’s surface. There’s enough spray to provide several full wax jobs before it runs empty, so don’t worry about not using enough wax per inch.

Other standard waxing tips apply, even though the Shine Armor’s Spray Wax is more advanced than most other products.

  • If you’ve ever seen the movie “The Karate Kid”, you know where we’re going with this. While you don’t have to rub the wax in with your hands, it still helps to use your microfiber cloth to wipe away the wax in circular motions. This ensures that the wax bonds as well as possible.
  • You can continue rubbing the surface of your car in a circular motion to increase the luster of your paint. Our wax is designed to make every car look fantastic after being applied – take advantage of this to really turn heads on the street!
  • Always wax your car under cover. Tents, garages, carports, or any other protective surface will do. This will protect the surface of your car if it’s a hot day. Even our wax can become dry and cake onto the surface if your car is baking in the sun.
  • You’ll also only want to apply the wax when your car is dry, so don’t try to spray it on if it’s recently rained and you haven’t dried everything off.

Ultimately, be sure to follow the instructions we include with each purchase for the best results. The wax will take care of you if you apply it correctly! 


Is Shine Armor’s Spray Wax safe for all car surfaces?

Yes. Shine Armor’s Spray Wax can work on any surface for your car, including your wheels. In fact, we recommend spraying a little bit of wax on to the metal parts of your wheels to protect them from rust and corrosive damage.

How long does Shine Armor’s Spray Wax last?

Our specially formulated wax should last for between 1 and 2 months on average, with varying results depending on how exposed your car is to contaminants. Cars that stay in the garage most of the time will, of course, retain their wax layer for longer.

Do you need to use a wax remover to apply a new layer?

Yes. Our wax should be totally removed before you apply a new layer. However, the great news is that applying that new layer never takes very long – just grab the can and start spraying.

If the spray nozzle on the bottle breaks, can you still use the wax material inside?

We’d recommend purchasing another bottle for spray application if this occurs. While you can still use the Shine Armor’s Spray Wax without the trigger mechanism, getting it out will be tricky, and it’s not meant to be applied as a thicker liquid.

How long does it take for a bottle of Shine Armor’s Spray Wax to get to my home?

We prioritize fast shipping for all of our customers. Depending on where you live, your bottle of Shine Armor’s Spray Wax could take a week or two to arrive, or just a few days.


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