15 Problem Solving Car Hacks

              15 Problem Solving Car Hacks Shine Armor

15 Problem Solving Car Hacks

Posted by ShineArmor on October 19th 2018

We’ve discovered the top 15 car hacks every car owner should know

1. Fuel Gauge Arrow

Ever pull up to a gas station racking your brains to remember what side of the car your fuel tank is on? Just look at your fuel gauge. In all newer models, there’s an arrow indicating exactly which side it’s on.

2. Mayonnaise is your Friend

There’s nothing worse then your car getting clamped. Until you see the big sticker that was left on your window that’s near impossible to remove. Just apply Mayonnaise to it and leave for 5 minutes. The mayo absorbs the glue and wipes clean off.

3. Use Your Head

Although it might look a bit crazy, if you hold the metal part of your key fob up to your head, you can extend the wireless range by a few car lengths. Perfect for when you walk away from the car wondering if you locked it.

4. Keep Your Takeout Warm

If you happen to have the luxury of heated seats, turn them up full whack and place your takeaway on the seat. Helps to keep it warm until you get home.

5. Reduce Condensation on Your Windshield with Dawn

Apply a light film of Dawn Washing Up Liquid to a dry cloth and wipe on the inside of your windscreen. It greatly reduces the time needed to demist the screen with the heater. Perfect for those cold wintry mornings.

6. Olive Oil Dashboard Cleaner

Keep your dashboard clean and shiny with olive oil. Just dab some on a dry cloth and wipe to keep moisture in the material and prevent cracks.

7. Toothpaste on your Headlights

Dab toothpaste on a dull section of your headlight and work in a circular motion, until it starts to become clear. It will take a bit of elbow grease, but it really does work.

8. Boiling Water for Bumper Dents

If you discover a big dent in your plastic bumper, there is a fix! Just pour boiling water on the area and apply pressure behind to pop it back out.

9. Ladies’ Stockings for Wiper Blades

If your wiper blades get damaged and start scraping your windscreen, just use ladies’ stockings. Wrap the stockings around the wiper arm to prevent it scraping the glass until you can buy a new set.

10. Use Coca-Cola to Remove Rust

An easy way to get rid of rust on your car, is to spray Coca-Cola on the area. Then simply wipe it away. Cola is full of phosphoric acid, the perfect enemy of rust.

11. Hide Scratches Using WD-40

Need to cover up a scratch on your paintwork? Spray some WD-40 and wipe with a dry towel. It doesn’t remove the scratch but will hide it until you wash it off.

12. Hand Sanitizer for Frozen Doors

For a frozen door lock, just pour as much hand sanitizer as you can into the lock. It contains alcohol and will quickly melt the ice.

13. WD-40 to Prevent Doors Freezing Shut

Moisture can get trapped between the door seals and freeze, so spray them with WD-40 prior to cold weather, to keep the seals soft and prevent this from happening.

14. Floor Mats Get You Out of an Icy Spot

Put your floor mats under the tyres to provide some traction when pulling off in icy areas. Just don’t forget to pick them back up!

15. Make your Car Self-Cleaning

Use Fortify Quick Coat by Shine Armor for the ultimate Ceramic Waterless Wash Coat. Turn your car into a self-cleaning machine. It forms a glass-like layer over the paint and ensures mud and grime won’t stick to your car for up to 6 months. Shine Armor just made detailing easier and more convenient than ever!

  • It only takes 15 minutes to treat your whole car, rather than 5 hours!
  • Simple to use, comes in an 8oz spray bottle.
  • A fraction of the price of car waxing.
  • 20x stronger than any wax or sealant, one coat can last up to 6 months.
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic and bio-degradable.

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