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Performance Booster Oil Additive
Performance Booster Oil Additive
Performance Booster Oil Additive
Performance Booster Oil Additive
Performance Booster Oil Additive

Performance Booster Oil Additive

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Shine Armor Performance Enhancer is a breakthrough nanoparticle-based solution for both gas & diesel engines. It takes the properties of your host oil to the next level while preventing rust, oxidation & reducing regular friction.

You can use it to treat any oil-lubricated system except air conditioning & aircraft. It is particularly effective in small two-cycle engines; just add Performance Booster to the oil before mixing it with fuel.

Here’s Why Customers Trust Shine Armor…

At Shine Armor, we’re obsessed with anything and everything regarding cars. We developed the ultimate car wash soap to get the cleanest exterior possible. We created an easy-to-use and long-lasting interior cleaner that works magic on both upholstery and leather.

But we don’t just care about how the car looks on the outside or in the driver’s seat; we want the engine to be performing at its highest capabilities.

So we made something for that, too.

Our Performance Booster Oil additive is a cutting-edge, nanoparticle-based solution that works great for gas and diesel engines alike. It boosts the performance and lifetime of any oil-lubricated system under the hood, aside from the air conditioning unit.

Our clients have been stoked about this product because you really can tell the difference in your engine after using it. Our booster oil pumps up your horsepower and extends the durability of your entire engine.

Did we mention it’s eco-friendly? We made sure not to use any harmful chemicals that would damage your vehicle or the environment, so you can rest easy knowing your car is about to get a jump start to its energy.

Use Performance Booster Oil Additive after getting a fresh oil change, or use it on the oil that you have now. Doesn’t matter if you use conventional or synthetic oil blends either; we got you covered.

Our advanced formula works its way through your engine system’s microscopic crevices to reduce the wear and tear the years have put on it. It can even reverse existing engine wear.

We’re so proud of this product and know it’s going to change the way you drive that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the boost in performance, just send it back and get a full refund.

We’re pretty confident you’ll be too busy driving to do that, though.

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