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Pristine Tire Shine Gel is a TIRE SHINE & EXTERIOR TRIM Rejuvenator!

Take your tires and trim to the next level - create a rich, dark, and glossy black look. Pristine Tire Gel has the ability to completely rejuvenate your tires and bring back that showroom finish. Shine Armor has created the ultimate tire detailing product that is durable, and saves you time and money!
Part Number: 696305151273

Our unique formula is a water-based polymer, infused silicone tire compound that creates absolutely no slinging. It is a thick gel that is easy to apply on any tire. Pristine Tire Shine is designed to protect and beautify rubber and plastic surfaces against the effects of damaging UV rays, while achieving a truly clean, high gloss shine. 

Shine Armor designs every product to be consumer friendly. You can be 100% new to the detailing industry and have incredible results with our products. Ease of use if what we strive for!

Pristine Tire Gel Application only requires three simple steps:

1. Clean your tires first (we recommend Fortify Quick Coat)
2. Apply a small drop of the gel onto a microfiber and scrub it on!
3. Repeat until you are satisfied!

Your order comes with 1 4oz bottle of Pristine Tire Shine Gel. 1 Bottle is good for 2-5 applications depending on your tires!

We are the world’s leading home detailing company. For years it has been such a big and costly process to simply clean your car at home with absolute quality. Going to a detailing shop for a premium service can run upwards of $10,000 or more. That is why we created a lab tested formula to quickly, powerfully, and affordably clean, shine, and protect your vehicle or any surface! We are proud to say that Shine Armor offers a 100% back money guarantee if you are not satisfied. We want to thank all of our customers and fans, who have single-handily made Shine Armor the Global Leader in home detailing products!


Shine Armor was created by a group of guys who are absolutely auto obsessed. You know, the kind of obsessed where your jaw drops every time you see a sick whip, and you have to stop and take a picture of it… Yep, that’s us! We’re just like you and felt as though there were no detailing products that were made for simpletons like us who simply wanted to have incredible looking rides without breaking the bank!

And thus, Shine Armor was created! As I mentioned, Shine Armor was created first and foremost with the automotive enthusiast in mind. Automobiles depreciate the second you drive them off of the lot, and poor maintenance of your vehicle makes them depreciate even faster. The problem is that, not everyone has the time, money, and/or resources to keep up with their vehicle’s maintenance. This is where we found our calling to serve the automotive enthusiast community. We found that not only was everyone product on the market expensive, but that these products were also poor quality, and difficult to apply.

Since starting Shine Armor, it has been our mission to provide the highest quality products at the most affordable prices, so that we can give back to the automotive enthusiast community. We are creating a movement that serves the automotive enthusiasts through USA made, high-end, and easy to use detailing products!

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