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Multi-Purpose Brush
Multi-Purpose Brush
Multi-Purpose Brush
Multi-Purpose Brush
Multi-Purpose Brush
Multi-Purpose Brush

Multi-Purpose Brush

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Product Information
Our Multi-Purpose Brush convey the toughness, exactness, accuracy, and adaptability expected to clean the dirtiest, generally sensitive, and difficult to arrive at surfaces.

  • Clean grilles, fasteners, calipers, motor inlets
  • Fit into the littlest breaks and hole
  • Profound clean without scratching
  • Properly spread dressings
  • Detail vents, cupholders, breaks, leather

They say that an artist is only as good as his tools. While we certainly aren’t planning on replicating the Sistine Chapel, we agree that every car owner that cares about keeping their vehicle clean needs the best tools at their disposal to get the job done.

And if you are interested in pursuing a career as a painter, you can always get your start using this brush to apply a high-quality car wash soap to all those spots that the micro-fiber towels have a hard time getting.

We’ve developed a strong, reliable, and compact brush that you can use to scrub and wipe clean every hard-to-reach spot your car has. All the nooks and crannies are no match against this bad boy.

Seriously, air condition grills? Dusted. Cup holders? Clean as a whistle. The space where the bottom of your seat meets the back of your seat? Immaculate.

We only used the best materials to make this brush, so the bristles are strong against dirt and gentle against your car, flexing and bending to fit into the tiniest breaks and holes.

We don’t really recommend using our Multi-Purpose Brush for painting, but we do recommend using it for just about everything else when it comes to cleaning your car.

We sell our brushes in packs of up to four, so you can have one for everything you need to get done. Detailing your car is something that should be easy while leaving you with great results. We’re positive that our multi-purpose brush is going to be one of your favorite tools to reach for.

Whether you’re wiping away crumbs, applying tire shine to your tires, or just trying to get that one spot clean, this brush is here to make your life easier.

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