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1. What is the difference between a car wax and Shine Armor?

Shine Armor is a ceramic silica Si02 Waterless Car Wash, Paint Sealant, Clay Bar Lubricant, Rinseless Solution that its all wrapped into one quick spray. Waxing is a much less powerful method of simply protecting your vehicle. Shine Armor is the most versatile product on the market that goes far beyond protecting your vehicle.

2. Why can Shine Armor Waterless Wash clean a car without using water?

Through an emulsification process Shine Armor Waterless Wash encapsulates and lubricates the dirt and grime making it easy to lift away with no effort. Once the dirt is lubricated, it has no choice but to stick to the terry towels instead of the smooth surface.

3. How is it different from the other popular brands out there?

Shine Armor Waterless Wash is specially formulated with a combination of polymers to create a slick, glossy finish and protect finishes from bugs, water spots, and and road contaminants. Ordinary waxes and paint sealants cannot offer the same level of protection and wash or wear off in a matter of weeks. Shine Armor Waterless Wash seals and protects for months, not week.

4. Is there any risk of making scratches on the car body by using Shine Armor Waterless Wash?

When used as directed, Shine Armor will lift dirt away from the vehicle surface without scratches or swirl marks.

5. Does Shine Armor Waterless Wash affect the paint on a car?

No, it actually works to seal and protect the paint on your vehicle.

6. For what surfaces is the product suitable?

The coating usually lasts for up to 6 months, depending on the environmental influences. For a daily driver, we recommend applying the product at least once per month for optimal protection for your vehicle. However, if you want to maintain the best possible shine and protection, weekly use is recommended!

7. How often should I use Shine Armor Waterless Wash on my car?

That depends on your personal weather conditions and where you park. If those large beads of water stop forming in the wet then you probably need to reapply.

8. Can the product be applied in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces?

Yes, it can be applied in direct sunlight. We do recommend however that you apply in an ambient temperature as cool surfaces work the best. It is best to let your surface cool off before working on it.

9. Does this product offer protection against sunlight, rain, and other environmental influences?

The product effectively protects any surface against harsh UV solar rays, pollution, water spots, bug or bird residues and road grime. It won't fully repel dust, pollen etc., but makes cleaning them off easier afterward.

10. There are some feather and whirl-like scratches on my car. Can Shine Armor Waterless Wash remove them?

You can always try. It really depends on what made the marks and how deep they are in the clear coat...

11. Does Shine Armor Waterless Wash remove water-spots?

You can use Shine Armor Waterless Wash and remove water spots (Type I). However, Hard water spots and acid rain are the hardest to remove and need some more work. We suggest removing all contaminants from the surface (including those not caused by the water spots) before applying the product for the first time. Shine Armor Waterless Wash prevents high calcium water deposits from settling on the vehicle’s paint surface which causes those ugly water spots to form.

12. Is the product environmentally friendly, non-toxic and VOC compliant?

We take pride in introducing the absolute best car care products on the market, while also being totally environmentally friendly. All our formulas are non-toxic, biodegradable and 100% VOC compliant. They also contain no harsh acids or heavy solvents and are 100% free of hydrofluoric and sulfuric acids. Which means that when washing the product off, it is totally eco-friendly to drop down into the drains.


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