We are the world’s leading home detailing company. For years it has been such a big and costly process to simply clean your car at home with absolute quality. Going to a detailing shop for a premium service can run upwards of $10,000 or more. That is why we created a lab tested formula to quickly, powerfully, and affordably clean, shine, and protect your vehicle or any surface!

Fortify Quick Coat

Our FORTIFY formulation team developed the ONLYDIY, at-home detailing product that uses waterless cleaning technology and wetting agents to gently, safely and effectively cut through dirt, grease and grime on-contact – leaving you with a clean, sealed and protected surface each and every time.


Revive Scratch Repair

Shine Armor Revive Scratch Repair is the DIY detailing revolution you’ve been waiting for. Restoring your car’s original scratch-free shine is no longer a distant dream, but a powerful formula bottled in a nice presentation.


Shine Armors vision for the perfect line of products started with an environmentally friendly mentality. We have formulated products that use little to no water, and have no negative effects on our world!

Shine Armor products are crafted by the most intelligent chemists on the planet. Every formula is scientifically researched, tested, and constructed.

Quality is our primary objective. In order to control quality we formulate everything in the best country in the world!

Why spend hours detailing your car just to have to do it again in a few days? All of our products are designed for ultimate efficiency so that you can have back your time!

Fortify Quick Coat is Laboratory-Engineered and tested by Professional Detailers from around the world. No other silica sealant can actually clean, shine, seal, and protect at the same time. Fortify does!

Fortify Quick Coat

Spray Wax

Perfection Spray

Interior Cleaner

Revive Scratch Repair

Pristine Tire Gel

Leather Cleaner

Hydrophobic Cleaner