Feruary 12, 2018

What does car detailing mean to you?

If you’re thinking on taking your car to some place to get it all cleaned up and smelling like a Christmas tree, your car detailing game needs a serious update, buddy.

If you thought that detailing is simply getting your car to be the cleanest, brightest, and most scratch-free detailing specialist in your block, you’re on the right track, but...

How do you do it without spending a fortune?

Grab something to write this down, because everything you think you know about car detailing is about to change. And it’s because of a single product!

You have a better option?

One that does the whole work for you and saves at least half of what you may end up spending on any other products?
It’s fine, I’ll wait…
Meanwhile, I want to show you why my option is more powerful and cost effective than yours. In fact, my product brings all the boys to the yard!

Let’s get to it!

Money Diggers VS. Money Savers

Quick question:

What does your local car detailer cares more about: Your car or your money?

That one’s easy, but really though. No one’s going to treat your car with proper care like you would.

Not to mention the crazy amounts they charge for these services, charging even more for using the right products instead of cheap soap.

Not to mention the crazy amounts they charge for these services, charging even more for using the right products instead of cheap soap.

Even worse, I’ve been to some places where they think you’re so clueless, they offer you their “premium” product, and then apply the same cheap soap they were planning on using in the first place.

They must think it’s hilarious, but I’m sure your wallet won’t agree with that!

Now, imagine having a product that makes you forget that automatic car washes even exist, as it delivers better results in less time and without breaking the bank.

Waterless Solutions

Still in love with water?

Time to stop living in the past, buddy! (The cleaning with water past, at least.)

Rarely will a product promise you to save you the hassle of using water, and while some may, they’ll end up damaging your car, making it look like it’s part of a Mad Max movie.

A true waterless solution for you is one that prevents water from sticking and spreading out the dirt. Instead, dissolving the dirt and protecting the surface is the way to go.

If you’re okay with using less water and saving the planet, then I think it’s time we unveil this mystery product...


*Drum Roll*


FORTIFY QUICK COAT: It’s the best option when you’re looking for a time and penny saver, giving you back the joy of doing things for yourself like dad used to!

If I were you, I’d be leaving the hose and buckets for other things now, like a nice memory of the past, because now you know you and your car deserve better.

Removing dirt or just Grinding it?


You’re probably used to swiping dirt with some cloth, wash it out and let it slip down your car, feeling like the slickest dude on the planet.

If you are that guy, guess what?


Even when you don’t see them, there are some harmful elements that can stay on your car’s surface and create oxide on it much faster than you can say “pass me the sponge, bud.”

Now, now, let’s not blow things out of proportion, we all have been there, done that…

But if you care about your car, you need to change the way you do this, bud.

Your aim should be in dissolving the dirt to zero instead of just pushing it away, ensuring that nothing will compromise your car’s surface.

FORTIFY QUICK COAT contains the ultimate formula to really do some magic on your car, thanks to its revolutionary Si02 technology components and its powerful surfactants. Works so well, you’ll even want to replace your own hair shampoo with it!

But let’s not try Fortify Quick on humans. They get angry!


Less Is More!


Before we conclude this race, there’s another BIG highlight that FORTIFY QUICK COAT offers: An improved cleaning ritual for your car.

Yes, it is a whole ritual doing it, at least in the traditional way.

First you have to remove the dust while still dry. Then fill buckets or use the hose to pour lots of water on your car. Then you add some soap or a product to remove dirt, while you hurry and wash it up all over again once or twice, repeating the whole process until it looks like a job well done!

Of course, all of this may take a while, without mentioning the ceremonial candles and the prayers afterwards, hoping that your car stays clean long enough.

What if you remove the candles, the prayers, the exhausting repetitions for proper cleaning, the water wasted in the effort, and the big part of the day you spent doing all of it?

Let’s simplify this to 2 steps: First remove dust while it’s still dry, and then apply FORTIFY QUICK COAT, eliminating dust, cleaning completely and adding a protective layer in the same process.

After a complete application, you can count on not having to worry about your car’s look for the next 6-12 months. This is what a money-saving product really should do for you!

I rest my case, Your Honor!


There’s a reason why everybody (including the charming man writing this piece) is moving to FORTIFY QUICK COAT. As soon as you realize how this game changer is improving your car detailing experience without having to worry about it every single month, the choice is simple.

At this rate, we’ll be all a part of a big family of DIY detailers!

So let’s once again wrap everything FORTIFY QUICK COAT does for you and your car:

-It’s a winner when it comes to helping you become your own detailer.

-It seals, protects, cleans, it’s waterless (no more messy garage), it’s very simple and easy to apply.And, the cherry on top of this sundae…

One application lasts longer than most car-waxing products in the market (6-12 months)!

With the powerful Si02 technology inside it you’ll get a waterless solution to lift and dissolve the dirt and dust entirely with its strong surfactants. It also seals and protects your car’s surface without you having to do anything extra. Neither the sun nor the environment will be your natural enemies as they once were.

Fortify Quick Coat single handedly provides:

  • The FULL benefits from Si02 technology.
  • A waterless car wash.
  • A superior paint sealant.
  • A silica maintenance spray.

One bottle, one product and huge savings for you in terms of time and money.

Check out what some happy customers had to say about it after trying it out.


Ian M.

United Kingdom


This is probaly the best cleaning product in the world, it is easy to use and gives a fantastic result,just spray it on, and wipe it off, its that simple and gives a brilliant shine, will be using this product again and would highly recommend this product to all. 100% top sevice from the shine armour team, fast delivery around the world, keep up the good work.


Janet S.

United States


I have always been obsessed about my car and Shine Armor makes it even easier to keep my car cleaner than ever. It is so easy to apply and buff off and it's fast, before you know it you have completed your whole car and it looks wonderful. Fantastic product, great to work with, Highly recommend. Can't wait to get the scratch repair I ordered. Love this product!



Stephen R.

United States


With so many similar products on the market I was a little skeptical. This stuff is amazing. I’ve never seen anything shed water like this does and the shine is incredible.



Matthew R.



Shlne Armour has been the easiest product to use, goes on quick for the best shine I've ever tried, I had to get some more for my daughters cars as well, I love the stuff.


Please, please, please: Do yourself a favor and stop using outdated products and methods to take care of your car.


Why would you go through all of the hassle and money wasting if you no longer have to?


It’s cheaper, it’s faster, it’s better. There’s just no way to say no to the future that’s already here, changing the whole detailing game and leaving automatic car washers and cheap washed out products behind!

Afraid of risks on this decision? Shine Armor has your back:

TRY IT OUT WITH WITH THEIR 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE and see for yourself magic happen.

Click on this link and see for yourself. Get into the future with FORTIFY QUICK COAT!

Hi, I'm Jason, writer & editor of the Auto Magazine.
I post self reviews about auto related products and about my life experiences related to the automotive industry.

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