Top 5 Reasons Why Car Waxing is Obsolete

Top 5 Reasons Why Car Waxing is Obsolete

Top 5 Reasons Why Car Waxing is Obsolete

Posted by ShineArmor on October 17th 2018

In the past, car waxing has been a tradition to endure rather than enjoy. Hours spent slaving over the paintwork will soon be just a memory, thanks to advances in car detailing technology. Waxing your car is now relegated to the same status as listening to tape cassettes and records. Nice to remember, but utterly useless compared to today’s technologies.

1. Time Consuming

  • You might be thinking, “How long could it take?”
  • All you have to do is wash the car, dry it, use the clay bar, wax it, wait for it to haze, then buff it.
  • Simple, right?

Before you know it, 5 hours have gone by, the sun has gone down and it’s too dark for anyone to appreciate the hard work you’ve put in.

2. Tedious

  • You must carefully wash and dry the car, to ensure every microscopic piece of dirt and grime is gone.
  • Then, you have to scrub every inch with a clay bar, to remove all the old wax.
  • Only then are you ready to start waxing.

But you can’t just slap it on, spread it round and hope for the best.

You must make small, even circles with a certain amount of wax. And be careful not to lash too much on or risk being too stingy with it either.

3. Expensive

  • So now you realize how much time is wasted waxing your car.
  • And how tedious the work is.
  • The next logical step is to wonder, why not pay someone to do it for you?

You then discover it costs up to $200 each time you get it waxed. Now, if that was a once off payment, you might not think it was such a bad idea…

4. Short Durability

  • But, then you learn waxing your car doesn’t protect the paint for a long time.
  • Only one to three months if you’re lucky.
  • And that’s providing you don’t drive outdoors that often…

Before long, that new car shine starts to fade. The paintwork starts to look dull.

And your wallet starts to get empty.

5. Bad For The Planet

  • Wax naturally comes from the leaves of the palm tree, “Copernicia Prunifera.”
  • But, when used in car products, it first goes through a bleaching process.
  • Then, it’s combined with alcohol and chemical solvents to change it to the soft, malleable product that spreads easily onto your car.

It might leave a nice finish, but with the damage it does to the environment, is it really worth it?

Thankfully, a cleaner, far superior product is available.

Pearl Nano by Shine Armor is the most advanced 3-in-1 Ceramic Waterless Wash, Coat and Shine Formula on the market.

  • It only takes 15 minutes to treat your whole car, rather than 5 hours!
  • Simple to use, comes in an 8oz spray bottle.
  • A fraction of the price of car waxing.
  • 20x stronger than any wax or sealant, one coat can last up to 6 months.
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic and bio-degradable.

And discover the difference for yourself!

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