January 30, 2019

Cleaning your car isn’t as simple as you think. Poor technique and incorrect materials could damage your car progressively and suddenly, what seems to be taking care of your car is actually shortening its life-span.

I’m one of those guys who thought cleaning my car’s windows would be a walk in the park, only using water, any kind of soap and whatever piece of cloth I had around.

Car windows are where most people mistakenly “take it easy” and treat them in the worst possible ways…

So, after a lot of sweat, cursing and tears, I finally learned from my mistakes (with lots of money thrown away). So now, I consider it my social duty to share with you the top 5 embarrassing questions you’re too embarrassed to ask to a local detailer.

ARE YOU SERIOUS? (I actually tried Absolutely not, some of those products are designed to aggressively remove grease and residue that sticks to plates. The kind of stains that are not common to car windows.

Using regular soaps is like removing stains and dirt with a pitchfork. Sounds unnatural, huh? Well, that’s exactly what it is.

The key is to avoid these kind of products that are way too concentrated and rough. If they were to touch the paint, you can say ‘adios amigo’ to its durability as well.

That’s a solid NO. Let me tell you why: common table cloths have rough surfaces, which can scratch a dirty windshield. Instead, you’ll want something soft and gentle, like microfiber.

Don’t believe me?

If you use glasses and you start using your shirt to clean them up whenever they get dirty, it will be pretty convenient and easy at first…But eventually you’ll begin to notice little scratches and marks, until you have to pay some hard earned cash to change the lens.

That’s exactly what happens on windshields, you see? (No pun intended.)

I must come clean on this one: Back when I knew nothing about car detailing and thought soap and coatings where all the same, I was so naive that I actually removed dust and gave the final swipes on my windshield with old pieces of cloth from shirts that were of no use anymore.

Worst part is that I thought that by using old clothes to wipe the windshield, I was recycling and saving some money. Of course, I wasn’t laughing when I realized I spent more money trying to ‘save some’.

That’s more of a personal choice. What you should consider instead is washing your car from top to bottom whenever you do it, to make sure no stains are left and more importantly, you can transfer dirt from the wheels to the rest of the car if you do it backwards.

Ask yourself: When I take a shower, do I begin by washing my feet?

That’s the logic!

It also depends on what you apply to your car’s windows. If you simply wash the glasses with any sort of soap and water, well… fine. But if you love your car and want it to last as long as it can, you should apply some sort of coating. The thing is …

*Spoiler Alert*

Just like soap, not just any coating is atually effective, and plenty of them can damage your car, but hold your horses we’ll get into details soon enough.

Once your car’s glasses are clean, you need to wipe them dry right away to avoid those ugly dry water spots across your windshield and paint.

You don’t eat half cooked food, right?

Well, you better cook this right to make the best out of it!

You should always use a microfiber or a gentle type of cloth, making sure it’s completely dry. Then you get to apply a protective coating that will ensure the sun and the environment don’t damage the glass.

Well, no, just take it easy on that one. Just kidding...


Just as waxing after a wash offers a few benefits to your car, like a better shine, in a way, so it does to your windows. Basically, it protects your car from airborne contaminants, like acid rain. Moreover, the smooth surface of a waxed car lessens the chances of stones chipping the paint.

But, before acquiring coating for your windows, there’s a fact you have to consider and it’s painful: There are more cheap detailing products than criminals out in the open!!!

Even worse, some of those “criminal” products are even more expensive than the ones that actually get the job done.

Now you might be wondering if it takes a lot of research and wasted money to find a truly effective product, right?

Well… yes, but fortunately for you I’m the perfect mixture between dumb and stubborn.

So what’s my secret weapon these days?

Shine Armor’s Nano Glass Hydrophobic Window Coating!

  • Keeps surface clean.
  • Extends car’s glass durability.
  • Improves visibility.
  • It’s waterless.
  • Repels liquids and dust.
  • Reduces the need of frequency of cleaning (while saving you money!).
  • Makes the car look brand new.

Shine Armor Nano Glass allows you to keep your car’s windows looking pristine, no matter where you take it or how much you use it. Nano coating, maximum protection!

Covering 3-5 full car windows, its glass protection lasts for up to 3 years, bypassing the ugly side effects of similar products, such as erosion, mineral deposits and stubborn salt spray stains. I still haven’t grown tired of watching how the dirt simply slips away!

This game changer on car detailing also provides a radical improvement on your visibility as it won’t allow anything to remain on the windows surface. This way, you won’t have to worry about driving at night or any time you want.

Curious about trying it out?

Here are some additional benefits for getting your Shine Armor’s Nano Glass Hydrophobic Window Coating:

✔️ 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

✔️ Each 30 ml bottle can cover the windows for 3 cars.

✔️ Can be used on boats, cars, planes, shower doors, windows and mirrors.

✔️ American made, proven high quality product.

✔️ Fast USA shipping guarantee.

Now, what about people’s opinion? Well, see for yourself what does it feel like to have your own professional detailer inside a bottle:

Justin K. Chevrette


I used this on three of my vehicles this weekend. Applying it in the shade, this product went on very easily and was easy to buff off with the super-soft included towel. No streaks. I do recommend that, as the label states, shake the product well and don't use much. The shine is amazing and it made the paint so slick, I couldn't set the bottle on the hood without it sliding off! I'll be interested to see how long it will last, but I'm initially very pleased with this.

Justin K. Chevrette


Very impressed with results so far!!! Beads excellently. Makes my black paint pop. We have been using this as a detail mist in ways as well after wiping down with a damp cloth. You will not regret it.

This one’s a no brainer, saving time, money, and even energy on cleaning can be obtained in a single product, and all you have to do to get your own Nano Glass Hydrophobic Window Coating is click right here and take it.

Hi, I'm Jason, writer & editor of the Auto Magazine.
I post self reviews about auto related products and about my life experiences related to the automotive industry.

The Shine Armor Nano Glass Coating is the world’s best performing and most durable protective aftermarket nano-coating for glass surfaces!

The multifunctional, ultra-thin, super-hydrophobic coating reduces dirt and dust accumulation.

They simply slip off with the motion of the car. The Shine Armor Nano Glass coating creates a scratch-resistant, easy to clean surface.

Shine Armor Nano Glass coating protects the glass from erosion, and from stubborn salt spray staining and mineral deposits.

This is a proven and reliable coating that can handle harsh conditions and extreme temperatures.

Day and nighttime visibility are greatly improved by enhancing the clarity of the glass. This is an important safety feature for the safety couscous.


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