February 13, 2018

So you’re one of us...

The kind of person who treats his car like a part of the family, wants it to go places and always look at its best, right?

The last thing you want is to ruin that shiny showroom finish that makes you feel like a king watching his own throne.

But, how do you keep that throne in pure excellence? Do you rush to an automatic car wash every time it’s covered with some dust, dirt or mud?

I can’t blame you if that’s the case because after all, convenience is the king of us all, and what could be easier than driving in dirty and driving out sparkly clean, all while being splattered by “special sparkle master soap”?

I tend to call those washing processes scams, but hey, that’s just me…

Think about it for a moment: Automatic car washes can be convenient, but the costs in potential damages add up quickly. They have been known to often introduce swirls, scratches, and other marks to your car’s paint.

Because of this sad truth, I’m here to present you with 3 logical and legitimate reasons why you should avoid automatic car washes at all costs.

Don’t worry, I’ll also throw in the solution to get rid of those automatic scams once and for all. If you’re eager to know what it its, scroll to the bottom of the page, but let’s not rush into it just yet...

Automatic car washes focus on speed and convenience, not attention to detail.

And there you are, trusting that the operator is using appropriate soap in the right amount, because, that’s how customer care should be, right?

Spoiler Alert: They are using a cheaper product to increase their profit margin.

These chemicals are usually strong acids that also strip off any protective coating applied to your car such as a wax or sealant. What a way to say Adios to your car’s look...

If the chemicals fail to loosen the dirt, a rotating brush comes by to help agitate the surface in hopes of cleaning it.

At this point, do you think they clean these brushes between washes?

You’re so cute by thinking they do...

The rotating brushes are absolutely not cleaned between washes, and as they rotate at a high speed, they create a deadly combination that can produce swirls and scratches all over your car. Also, we´re not even considering the dirt and grit the other cars left behind before you drove yours into the car wash.

That’s basically one front row ticket to “Nightmare On Wreck Your Car-Street”, the horror movie!

Thought the “bad soaps of hell” & “the brushes of death” where the only villains in this movie?

Think again, rookie!

When opting for an automatic wash, high-pressure water is blasted at your car to remove the chemical cleaners and dirt.

If the chemicals and rotating brushes did not remove all the dirt from your car’s surface, the reaiming dirt will be spread out with high pressurized water all over your car’s paint, possibly scratching the surface.

Nice, huh?

Most car washes also filter and recycle their water to cut down on the sewer bills, making the owner filthy rich, and your car… just filthy.

Recycling the water means that any dirt and grit missed by the filtering system will affect how much dirt is being sandblasted back onto your car, to the last drop, at a high pressure.

Ever considered the harm produced by heated air?

Yeah, that also causes damage.

Most automatic car washes use a strong jet of heated air to force excess water off after the car goes through the wash. The next step is typically to drive ahead and have your car hand-wiped by attendants.

If you go on a busy day, when you got a large line of other cars ahead of you, just take a simple look and see the attendants using obviously dirty old rags to wipe the cars down. In this case you should simply say “thanks, but no thanks” and drive away, saving yourself the trouble and money!

Hand drying your car is super-effective, but only when quality microfiber towels are being used, which is often not the case.

That’s right bud, old clothes and improvised pieces of cloth are NO good for your car! Using a microfiber towel is crucial to avoid creating tiny swirls and scratches in your car’s paint.

They are highly effective at absorbing water, too, much more so than a regular towel.

So, there are no excuses. If you want things done right, you have to do it yourself and avoid investing on quick fixes in exchange of progressively wrecking your car.

Ok, now it’s time for my social duty. As I promised, it’s time to talk about the product that can change the way you see car detailing and most importantly, stop you from using automatic car washes for good.

Your car (and wallet) will thank you for it!

The fellas at Shine Armor realized how ugly the car detailing industry was, and how many scammers were out there, misleading people on how to properly give their cars some maintenance while ripping them off. They decided it was high-time somebody did something about it.

Now it’s your turn to see why this product is so innovative. Check out what FORTIFY QUICK COAT does for you and your car.

This product is a winner when it comes to helping you become your own detailer and forget about crappy services.

It seals, protects, cleans, it’s waterless (no more messy garage), it’s very simple and easy to apply.

And it gets better…

Hold tight to your seat, because one single application lasts longer than most car-waxing products in the market (6-12 months)!

Its effective formula contains the powerful and cost-effective Si02 technology which provides a waterless solution that lifts and dissolves the dirt and dust entirely with its strong surfactants, while it seals and protects your car’s surface.

Fortify Quick Coat single handedly provides:

  • The FULL benefits from Si02 technology.
  • A waterless car wash.
  • A superior paint sealant.
  • A silica maintenance spray.

One bottle, one product and huge savings for you in terms of time and money.

Now you have been exposed to the truth, so you have no excuses to let others do the job that you can do properly without damaging your car. It’s also less expensive than other services and products, lasts longer and requires fewer steps to get the job done

Only someone who doesn’t appreciate his car would skip an opportunity like this. But you’re not one of those people, right?

Then make it right, and try it for yourself!

Still skeptical people buy this?

Now, what about people’s opinion? Well, see for yourself what does it feel like to have your own professional detailer inside a bottle:


Dasha W.


Just from reading some reviews, I was a bit hesitant to try this stuff but I am so happy I did. This is by far the best detail spray. And I like it because if your car is dirty, you can just wipe it right off and it looks like you did after you wash it. Highly recommend!!



Randy Slavich


I have five bottles of shine armor and used two already on my Porsche one bottle per coat ! This is by far the best my boxster has looked ! My Porsche shines more now than the showroom finish ! It’s silky smooth finish let’s even bird **** wipe right off! You have got to try this product! I sure was glad that I did ! Thanks shine armor! Pictures to come!



Fernando A.


First time user and I love the product. Quick and easy spray on and off and leave my car looking like a brand new car. I just love it . Thank you shine armor. I will be buying more of your products.



Michael S.


It truly does everything you advertise in your product. I've never seen dirt and water just fall off my truck. I'm in for life with your product.

Still afraid of risks on this decision?

Say no more!

By taking it with you, you get to TRY IT OUT WITH THEIR 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE and see for yourself magic happen.

No questions asked, no hassle, just pure, solid proof!

Try it by clicking on this link and see the benefits for yourself.

Hi, I'm Jason, writer & editor of the Auto Magazine.
I post self reviews about auto related products and about my life experiences related to the automotive industry.

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