February 13, 2018

DIY car detailing products are a line of groundbreaking solutions designed to simplify and replace the traditional car washing services. This helps to bring users closer to the experience of delivering maintenance on their cars look, paint and surface durability.

It’s true most of us are aware of the multiple benefits these products deliver, but sadly, very few know how to choose properly and what are the pitfalls to avoid in this heartless industry.

So, in hopes of helping you save time, money and endless failed trials with inefficient products, I asked my best friend, Bob Stillman, about his experience with automatic car washing and professional detailing services, digging on the reasons he traded them for a revolutionary DIY product that helps him get the whole job done without much hassle, and without spending a small fortune.

Bob is like you and me, a car detailing enthusiast who looks for efficient solutions at a fair price, always aiming for that ‘glass effect’ you see in TV commercials.

The guy moved to Arizona a few years ago with his family and bought a small automatic car washing business so he could live his passion all the way through, but, sadly, it was just a matter of time before he realized the truth behind this kind of business…

So, he decided to pivot to distributing DIY detailing products, having found one in particular that he claims is basically ‘the second coming’ of detailing (his words, not mine).

This product is SHINE ARMOR FORTIFY QUICK COAT, which we’ll get deeper into later, but first, here’s an interview where he breaks down his 5 reasons for calling it quits on automatic car washing and professional detailers.

Check it out!

- Is it possible to find an affordable automatic car wash service that actually delivers what you pay for?

Bob: (He starts laughing awkwardly a little.) HARDLY.

The thing is, in my case it took me just a few months as a small business owner to realize that you can’t charge fair amounts to customers for the service and be able to pay for water, electricity and the products used. It was a nightmare for me, so I can only imagine what a bigger operation goes through daily.


- From your perspective, what needs to be changed in order to turn a profit and charge customers fairly?

Bob: Hell, if I had figured that out, I’d probably wouldn’t tell ya (laughs). That’s the balance I ultimately couldn’t find with my business: I wasn’t gonna be able to live guilt-free knowing that I was scamming all of my customers, since making “dirty” adjustments in every step of the washing process and switching some products around is the only way to make your operation profitable. By now I’m 99% sure that’s how these businesses run. Since I’m not interested in being the guy who only aims for people’s money, I couldn’t allow myself to keep it going.

- You mentioned something about adjusting the products you were using. Did you have any trouble with a specific product in particular or did your customers complain?

Bob: Actually, I’d say that customers are the main reason I realized how dirty this industry actually is.

Customers only come looking for a “quick fix,” without caring how they get it, and I naturally began using regular, simple products.

Most customers always wanted a much ‘glassier’ finish, like if their cars were brand new and, since the customer is “always right,” I switched to stronger products that promised to leave the car as good as new or give you your money-back.

Eventually I learned that most of them contained silicone, which creates a process called “drifting” where the silicone particles embed themselves into the paint, resulting in severe problems for paint touch-ups or repainting. Basically that thing keeps on eating your car!

Customers didn’t know, didn’t complain, but the awful truth was always inside my head, and almost every single product out there did not deliver on its advertised promise, so I was enjoying much less my dream job. I was really disappointed.


- What about regular cleaners? Let’s leave polishes aside for a moment, did you have that kind of bad experiences with cleaners?

Bob: Bad experiences? They’re ONE BIG JOKE! Even with some years of experience before opening the business, I wasn’t aware of how cleaners actually work. You can find “super strong detergent double X” or master cleaners that supposedly remove everything, but are actually kitchen soaps in a nice bottle. It’s laughable, but that bad joke was expensive for my business.

All these products do is just move dirt and dust around. Now, if you don’t see dirt and it shines at least a little, then it’s clean, right?


I felt bad of how misinformed I was, because, truth is, a professional HAS to know that dirt and unwanted imperfections particles have to be dissolved, erased, sayonara!

- If even the products used were a problem, what about the most basic element of them all? Was water a problem too? Many people are against automatic car washing services because of this.

Bob: Yeah…

I’m not particularly proud of this but I did have a trick for it, since some friends of mine who were in the same business in North Dakota showed it to me.

The water applied to your car is usually under pressure, so the trick was to recycle the water during half a day and some more for the other half. This helped me pay my bills and keep the lights on for a long time.

What happens there is that you just move around dirt from one car to another, spraying it with great force. Now, imagine how badly this affects your car in the long-term...

Not to mention that, even when I was ‘recycling,’ a ridiculous amount of water was still being wasted daily, making me feel uneasy as if I was responsible for harming the world badly each day.


- Was that the final realization that made you decide to call it quits or what was your game changer?

Bob: Yeah, the thing about wasting water along the dodgy products and practices you have to make in order to pay your bills plus the little income you get made me realize I couldn’t keep my business going much longer. And then, when I found the magic of DIY detailing products, it made me realize that my business model was outdated.

When I found FORTIFY QUICK COAT I felt like everything I was looking to deliver to my customers with my service had evolved, in a much simpler and personal way.

So that was it. I found it easier to distribute and become an advocate for these products, which helped me sleep better knowing my customers were no longer getting scammed, and I wasn’t wrecking the planet. I was a nice guy again (he’s laughing nervously at this point).

So, that was Bob’s experience. Luckily for you, there’s no need to open a business and invest tons of money until you realize there are better options out there for your car.

Bob also helped us explaining what Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat is all about.

Let’s get to it!

People are increasingly moving to Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat as soon as they get to see the way this game changer improves their car detailing experience.

Once you get Shine, there’s no going back.

And I’m sure that soon you’ll join the complete DIY experience this product delivers...

So let’s wrap everything FORTIFY QUICK COAT does for you and your car.

This product will do everything your car detailer does for you, except try to scam you.

It seals, protects, cleans, it’s waterless (as promised), and it’s very simple and easy to apply.

Also a single application lasts longer than most car-waxing products in the market. So you get the best possible Shine in your car for the next 6-12 months!

The powerful Si02 technology contained in this product provides a waterless solution to lift and dissolve the dirt and dust from your car entirely, as well as sealing and protecting your car’s surface. Also, things such as rain, sun or lack of shade will no longer be your enemies after you apply it.

Fortify Quick Coat single handedly provides:

  • The FULL benefits from Si02 technology.
  • A waterless car wash.
  • A superior paint sealant.
  • A silica maintenance spray.

One bottle, one product and huge savings for you in terms of time, water and money.

Check out what people are saying after trusting their cars with this product:


Brian P.

Better than wax!

Shine Armor is the real deal ... applied to the whole car in 20 mins and another 10 to do the rims. The shine is noticeable and the feel is smooth like traditional wax without the bucket of water, sponge, buffer, or wax residue. This is amazing stuff! I can see how layering it can become an obsession. I liked it so much, I sent my dad a kit!



Patricia R.


I had trouble keeping my car shiny. After a wash, the clean and shiny look would be gone 2-3 days after. My husband applied Shine Armor last week Wednesday and it’s now Wednesday again and the car looks like it was just washed. It has this clean and shiny look to it. My husband and I are surprisingly happy with Shine Armor, with one coat our suv looks amazing! We’ll definitely purchase more! We highly recommend this product!



Gary R.

Super slick!

Excellent results and easy! I thought my new motorcycle was shiny and slick until I used this on it. No comparison! Great product!



Matthew R.



Shlne Armour has been the easiest product to use, goes on quick for the best shine I've ever tried, I had to get some more for my daughters cars as well, I love the stuff.

What’s there to think about? It’s cheaper, it’s faster, it’s better.

Afraid of risks on this decision? Well, they basically got you covered:

CLICK HERE TO TRY IT OUT WITH THEIR 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE and see for yourself the magic happen.

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