February 13, 2018

Car lovers do some weird things. For example, some fellas use regular kitchen soap for all their detailing needs.

Actually, it gets worse...

I’ve known people that use simple engine degreaser to clean everything from wheels to carpets!

I just don’t let that kind of people get near my car or my kids. You can’t trust them with beautiful things…

So, today I’m here to help you and others avoid being that kind of person.

Truth is, car care does not have to be complicated! Actually it’s quite simple.

It’s just a matter of avoiding automatic car washes and choosing the right product to apply by yourself, like FORTIFY QUICK COAT, a product that does the entire job so you don’t have to worry about extra steps, extra effort, extra money spent or any kind of additional products.

But we’ll talk about it later, first, let’s break down some horrible facts about regular-crappy detailing products.

Yes, as you may imagine there’s a huge variety of products, and sadly most of them don’t deliver what they’re supposed to.

Let’s get started…

If you go to any large retailer, you’ll notice their car care departments are tiny.

Why, oh why?

The answer: The internet.

Its influence is undeniable, being the responsible for transforming this industry completely.

When I started testing DIY car care products around 10 years ago, even Amazon.com had about 100 items or less in their car care category.

Today there are thousands to choose from, distributed by hundreds of different sellers.

But, variety is usually good, right? Not in this case buddy…

Here’s the bottom line:

The market has become very competitive, augmenting the chances of lying in order to win a customer. This results in expensive regular soaps disguised as detailing products or even worse, cheap chemicals that will remove both dirt and your car's paint!

So, where do we go from here?

Do some research, make sure that the product covers most of what your car needs and contains a strong & effective formula that won’t do any harm to your car.

What? You want an example? Well, let’s see…

FORTIFY QUICK COAT has a superior Si02 formula that accomplishes everything a car detailer does (except telling bad jokes) without compromising your car’s painting and surface.

But I’ll explain later, let’s move on!

In the cinema of car detailing, dust is usually seen as the simple and irrelevant villain of the movie, while dirt is on the level of Thanos. (Not a Marvel fan, huh?)

Fact: Most products will only push away and scatter dirt particles around your car, leaving them right there while your paint suffers from them.

So, what do you do with the dirt?

Find a product that dissolves it to ensure it’s eliminated, instead of just moved around.

For example,

FORTIFY QUICK COAT contains powerful surfactants that attack the dirt particles directly and disintegrate them.

Makes sense, right?

This one’s a MUST for any car detailing enthusiast…

When it comes to cleaners, polishes and protectants, it’s common to think they should be different products, right?

Spoiler Alert:

That’s a thing of the past!

There are more complex and efficient products than others.

And sure, some products have a dual function, but they can still be as harmful as any other product, so never skip the researching part of your selection process.

On the other hand, there are also plenty of laughable product scams that even promise to enhance the color of your car’s paint, and what they actually do is deteriorate and progressively remove it.

Trust me, most of those “magical” products are only after your money and offer no guarantee at all.

FORTIFY QUICK COAT contains a waterless formula that cleans, seals and protects, without being too concentrated or aggressive to your car’s paint and surface. It gets the job done properly thanks to its proven Si02 technology & it also comes with a money-back guarantee that ensures a safe testing experience.

There’s an element contained inside way too many cleaning products and detergents and it’s easily the venom of any DIY product: ammonia.

It's used as the secret weapon for stain removers, but the thing is…

It doesn’t only remove stains, it eats your car’s paint fast like that villain from Spiderman!

It also eats up the trust of anyone in the process. You get the idea, right?

So avoid using any ammonia-based cleaners at all costs. It’s very harsh, even for your own health, since it’s easy to become asphyxiated from ammonia if you don’t have proper ventilation.

Well, things got scary kind of fast...

Some glass focused products also use alcohol as a cleaner, which is not as big a problem as ammonia, but it can cause frequent headaches.

On the other hand, FORTIFY QUICK COAT is totally different, way friendlier with your car and it definitely won’t compromise your health.

So, now that you are aware of what you’re exposed to when trying out DIY products, you may feel like it’s not a safe choice to try by yourself, or you might be considering to leave it to automatic car washes…

Yeah, right!

Those are worse than any DIY product as they only deliver a fast, careless and expensive service with recycled water and cheap products!

Because of that, I’ll save you the trouble of trying and falling flat on your face with different products and tell you which one is hands down the best in terms of content, results, investment and benefits!

Let’s break it down.

People are increasingly moving to Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat as soon as they get to see the way this game changer improves their car detailing experience.

Once you go Shine, there’s no going back.

And I’m sure that soon you’ll join the complete DIY experience this product delivers...

So let’s once again wrap everything FORTIFY QUICK COAT does for you and your car.

This product will do everything your car detailer does for you, except lying straight to your face.

It seals, protects, cleans, it’s waterless (no more messy garage), it’s very simple and easy to apply.

And, the best part…

One single application lasts longer than most car-waxing products in the market (6-12 months)!

The powerful Si02 technology contained in this product provides a waterless solution to lift and dissolve the dirt and dust from your car entirely, as well as sealing and protecting your car’s surface. Also, things such as rain, sun or lack of shade will no longer be your enemies after you apply it.

Fortify Quick Coat single handedly provides:

  • The FULL benefits from Si02 technology.
  • A waterless car wash.
  • A superior paint sealant.
  • A silica maintenance spray.

One bottle, one product and huge savings for you in terms of time and money.

Check out what people are saying after trusting their cars with this product:

Now, what about people’s opinion? Well, see for yourself what does it feel like to have your own professional detailer inside a bottle:

Brian P.

Better than wax!

Shine Armor is the real deal ... applied to the whole car in 20 mins and another 10 to do the rims. The shine is noticeable and the feel is smooth like traditional wax without the bucket of water, sponge, buffer, or wax residue. This is amazing stuff! I can see how layering it can become an obsession. I liked it so much, I sent my dad a kit!

Patricia R.


I had trouble keeping my car shiny. After a wash, the clean and shiny look would be gone 2-3 days after. My husband applied Shine Armor last week Wednesday and it’s now Wednesday again and the car looks like it was just washed. It has this clean and shiny look to it. My husband and I are surprisingly happy with Shine Armor, with one coat our suv looks amazing! We’ll definitely purchase more! We highly recommend this product!

Gary R.

Super slick!

Excellent results and easy! I thought my new motorcycle was shiny and slick until I used this on it. No comparison! Great product!

Matthew R.



Shlne Armour has been the easiest product to use, goes on quick for the best shine I've ever tried, I had to get some more for my daughters cars as well, I love the stuff.

What’s there to think about? It’s cheaper, it’s faster, it’s better.

Afraid of risks on this decision? We got you covered:

CLICK HERE TO TRY IT OUT WITH WITH OUR 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE and see for yourself the magic happen.

Hi, I'm Jason, writer & editor of the Auto Magazine.
I post self reviews about auto related products and about my life experiences related to the automotive industry.

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