January 30, 2018

Back in 2013 I said goodbye to my old, trusty 1998 Honda CR-V.

I really loved that car. It had carried my family and myself many thousands of miles, safely and efficiently.

*Nostalgic piano starts playing*

One day after a particularly difficult highway drive I found myself thanking it for taking care of us. I immediately felt it understood me somehow and appreciated it (yeah, I’m that guy).

That was the beginning of a relationship that changed how I viewed not only cars, but also my most important relationships.

Grab your popcorn, you might relate to a part of this experience.

I began to have mental conversations with my car on a regular basis, it gave me a sense of connection with it. My wife & kids found it entertaining so it became tradition. My kids would then join the fun whenever I washed it, and my wife was just happy that I got them to participate in something I was fond of.

That lasted for years. I’d rather repair or change something it needed than buying new clothes or something for the kids & my wife.

My wife jokingly used to say it looked like I loved the vehicle more than them.

If she only knew that was actually true at that time...

One day I realized in horror that this vehicle was getting outdated and my wife would demand we get another newer model…

*Nostalgic piano returns*

We had some scheduled trip coming up and I began to worry about how long the CR-V would last and where our replacement vehicle would come from.

I decided to tune in and listen to what it had to say.

The trip was completely uneventful, except for my car's performance, which couldn't be better. Because of this, I made a choice I knew wouldn't be popular with my family...

From that moment, I decided not to leave it until it was literally unable to move, took care of it, cherished it, my family was…OK, but this, this was love, baby.

You might think: This guy moved with his Honda somewhere else, alone.

Well, take another guess, because I stayed at home in a tense situation for some time until one day it did not respond at all.

We eventually decided to get a camper van to replace our Honda. We were having a difficult time finding something within our price range.

And we had to travel again, for a friend’s wedding.

You know how fun deadlines can be, everyone rushes as if the world’s going to end.

With only five days left to go before our scheduled travel departure date, wife and I took a walk and had a serious talk.


The kind of talk where you really don't know where you are headed.

As we were talking and walking, we passed a random car repair shop where a white car called my attention, since it looked EXACTLY the same way our white Honda did. I pointed it out to my wife and she was astonished at the similarity.

For a moment we thought no more about it and continued on our walk. But I was uneasy, I had to find out more about it...

I walked back to the shop and discovered that the car was the same year and the equivalent model as our Honda, just a different make. No wonder it looked just like our car. It had to mean something!

Had all of this happened for a reason? Should I get it? Was this meant to be?


*dramatic drum roll*<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Yes I did, and without hesitating and without talking it out with the family, I purchased the new CR-V.

My wife & kids reaction looked like it was taken from a horror movie…

As soon as I came back home with the CR-V vol.2, wife said “Oh, no it’s back” & the kids stared at it intrigued and approached slowly, as if they were speculating how distant would I be with them this time. Well, let me tell you…


The trip took place and ever since that day, the vehicle and I became inseparable. I started washing and giving it daily maintenance, I wanted that feeling to last forever, I thought it was the same vehicle as before…

I almost became a professional car detailer as I researched and delivered only the best for my beloved CR-V, spending more money each time on expensive products that sometimes didn't work. Mentally, I apologized to it each time this happened...

Yeah, that freaky attitude disturbed my family even more to the point they were truly concerned about me…

Do cars have consciousness?

Unless you were a fan of 80’s tv shows, probably not.

I began spending most of my spare time on the vehicle, whether it was the usual wash and overall inspection or taking it out somewhere, not even allowing the kids or wife to participate like they used to. I wanted to be the one to blame if something happened.

Time was passing by, and the CR-V was progressively suffering from normal use deterioration, but one day, everything really blew off…

As I turned around to see the mess, I didn’t notice some tree branches that were very low and drove right below them at a regular speed.

As soon as I heard the metal tearing apart, my angst made me want to get out of there fast so I sped up and accidentally hit a car.

Insurance covered the other vehicle’s damages, while mine were about to be examined.

In the end, the pieces for the damaged front were nowhere to be found, so I decided to take care of it by myself…

*Dramatic piano joins once more*

I felt like my wife was dying, there were no options but to attempt to do it myself. Before I could clear my mind I yelled at the kids, wife was screaming at me, I was in a bad place but eventually, I settled down and came to my senses.

I realized the more attached I got to my CR-Vs, as I always did with different objects, the more I was ignoring my family.

So, I decided that if the car was to be repaired, we had to do it together. Or we would break apart as a family completely...

I started trying some scratch removers but only a few of the tiniest ones disappeared. After a lot of trial and error, the kids and I were able to fix almost every scratch on the vehicle, and oddly enough, each scratch we fixed made us feel like we were healing too.

What once was separating us, now was making us come together more than ever. The same obsession became our common ground. Our source of pain was now our source of healing.

And ever since, I’ve never forgotten about the product that not only made my car look great again, but saved my family life.

But what is this product?

Why should it matter for you and your car?

I’m here to tell you all about it...

  • Swirl Free.
  • Scratch Free.
  • Faster Than Ever.
  • No Fillers.
  • No Waxers.
  • Ensures High-End Removal Process.
  • Quick, Easy & Safe To Apply.

Shine Armor Revive Scratch Repair allows you to keep your car’s surface looking as good as new, no mark is a match for its high-end removal process.


Each 14 Oz bottle is simple, fast and very easy to apply. Thanks to its wax-free formula you’ll notice the change immediately, removing and protecting the spot where the scar was.


This must have product provides a radical improvement on your car’s look, not letting even the tiniest mark to last.

Curious about trying it out?

Here are some additional benefits for getting your Shine Armor’s Revive Scratch Repair:


✔️ 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

✔️ Each 14 Oz bottle can last for a whole year.

✔️ Works pretty well along coatings and waxes like Fortify Quick Coat.

✔️ American made, proven high quality product.  

✔️ Fast USA shipping guarantee.

I convinced myself this product was the right choice once I started reading the reviews of other fellow car lovers on the website. See for yourself what their experience has been like:

Now, what about people’s opinion? Well, see for yourself what does it feel like to have your own professional detailer inside a bottle:

Roger T.


I've never found a product like shine armor! I used it on my wife's car and liked it so much I did my Toyota Tacoma my pride and joy I cannot believe how clean both of the car and truck stay after snow and rain. A trip to a car wash for $2.50 it look like I just washed it again I'm keeping the shine armor on it because it beats off all the water it works good on the glass I'm simply simply amazed! You can use shine armor on anything! I used it on our brand new washer and dryer our refrigerator it's unbelievable the shine and nothing sticks! I recommend shine armor to my friends and family! Give it a try I guarantee you'll like it if you don't use shine armor I'll buy your product I can use as much as I can get!

Chandler B.


I purchased this product out of desperation after putting two three inch long scratches on the door of my wife's new car. I was skeptical at first because the car is black and they were not just a surface scratches. You could definitely feel the scratches with your nail.I was a little nervous at first but I followed the directions and to my surprise the scratches were gone. I'm not sure how this product would work on a deep scratch.

Keith M.


Works flawlessly. just follow the directions, don't rush, and don't press too hard. only complaint is how small the bottle.


It saved me time, money, and my family life. And if you’re curious about what it can do for you and your car, all you have to do to get your own Revive Scratch Repair is click right here and take it.

Hi, I'm Jason, writer & editor of the Auto Magazine.
I post self reviews about auto related products and about my life experiences related to the automotive industry.

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is bringing detailer grade compounds right to your home. Revive is designed to get your vehicle swirl-free, scratch-free, and perfected faster than ever. Our advanced formula features absolutely no filler and waxes to ensure the most high-end removal process. It is quick, easy, and safe to apply. Revive creates little to no dusting and finishes with a nice grape scent.


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