January 30, 2018

   Back in 2013 I said goodbye to       my old, trusty 1998 Honda CR-V.

   I really loved that car. It had carried my family and myself many thousands of miles, safely and efficiently.


*Nostalgic piano starts playing*

One day after a particularly difficult highway drive I found myself thanking it for taking care of us. I immediately felt it understood me somehow and appreciated it (yeah, I’m that guy).

That was the beginning of a relationship that changed how I viewed not only cars, but also my most important relationships.

Grab your popcorn, you might relate to a part of this experience.

I began to have mental conversations with my car on a regular basis, it gave me a sense of connection with it. My wife & kids found it entertaining so it became tradition. My kids would then join the fun whenever I washed it, and my wife was just happy that I got them to participate in something I was fond of.

That lasted for years. I’d rather repair or change something it needed than buying new clothes or something for the kids & my wife.

My wife jokingly used to say it looked like I loved the vehicle more than them.

If she only knew that was actually true at that time...

“I’d rather repair or change something it needed than buying new clothes or something for the kids & my wife.”

We promise we’ll take extra care of you… and your wallet. Scratch that. Just your wallet.

The main concern for airplane travelers and car detailing enthusiasts tends to be protection.

Since 2015 there have been 65 registered plane crash incidents worldwide, even when security measures are followed and the maintenance on the airplanes is regulated and constant.

But it happens, and it’s a fact we must face.

The International Car Wash Association states that 84% percent of Americans love their vehicles (and you know you do). In addition, almost 40% of them will buy premium products because they want to apply a safe and friendly product that will not only get the job done, but will do it without compromising anybody’s health or the car itself.

Here’s the problem:


Usually, big company names take advantage of the lack of need of proof for safety on detailing products, and advertise them as the second coming.

“...Big company names take advantage of the lack of need of proof for safety on detailing products.”

Most people won’t even notice or bother to investigate further. If the company is popular, it’s settled. It’s like voting for a president just because you remember his name, that’s how silly it is.

So, what’s the best course of action?

In order to trust the safety of your airline or car detail provider, investigate the following:


  • Are their materials premium quality?
  • What do customers have said about the company before?
  • What kind of guarantee do they offer before and after you buy from them.

Just give me your money already!”


Of course, neither a detailer nor an airline would ever say this out loud. But beware, this is exactly what most of them are really thinking.

The biggest (and oldest) trick in the book for any company in order to sell is the infamous concept of overpromising.

Believe me Winnie Pooh, their words will always taste like honey...

Each and every one of them will tell you exactly what you want to hear because deep down, you really want to be convinced. Deep down, you don’t want to be convinced. Deep down, you want to be fooled.

Some airlines promise the lowest fares, others more comfort, and a couple more shorter travel times. In most cases, it’s all one big dirty lie.

When it comes to car detailing products, it’s even worse, in too many cases, you may be paying for the most expensive regular hand soap of your life!

But whatever they promise has to be true, right?

Variety and Competition.

On your marks... Ready, set, get ripped off!


This is where it gets really tricky.

Having a wide variety of options competing against each other like it’s a horse race is something nice when it comes to choosing cereal for breakfast, because in the worst case scenario, you’ll get to choose a different one tomorrow.

Unfortunately it’s not the same when it comes to services like airlines or car detailing as it’s a matter of consequences that can cost a lot of money or even your life.

There are around 5000 airline services worldwide from which only around 400 are for regular-commercial purposes. Just in America, there are currently 59 airline carriers from which only 17 are considered the most frequent people’s choice among the variety. Sounds like a manageable number, right?

But what about car detailing companies and products? Here’s a major difference:

The car detailing industry is all over the world, making it impossible to know for real the trustworthy options out there, specially with so many cheap & ugly fakes, washed out resellers and many other modern day horror stories.


One product may be called “Life Savior 3000” and all it’s gonna do is make your life worse.

Once again, all you can do is nothing but your homework. Research until you get to see behind the curtains.

“...Names will tell you nothing, one product may be called “Life Savior 3000” and all it’s gonna do is make your life worse.”

Benefits and Costs.

Price range is crucial when it comes to choosing your service or product.


My mother used to tell me: “The cheaper you go in the beginning, the more expensive it’ll get in the end.”

That was an awful truth I got to experience as I grew up, but also, there’s an uncomfortable lie that is strongly sustained by us, the regular people:

“The more expensive, the better the product is.”

As you may have already guessed, I’ve been scammed too many times to know this for a fact…

If somebody offers you something that sounds too good to be true, tell ‘em: “No way, Jose”.

“The cheaper you go in the beginning, the more expensive it’ll get in the end.”

Closing the Case.

Whether it’s flying safely or finding the right detailing product, you’ll always end up being a victim of a rigged system.


Flying with the right airline service is a choice that can be narrowed to a safe one because of one solid fact on their favor:  The black box.

The black box is the best and most efficient way of accountability. Airlines use it to keep tabs on everything that’s going on with a flight, making it easier for them to learn on past mistakes and improve upon them. Legally, that’s their job.


On the other hand...


Car detailing products are usually a one way decision. You make up your mind, take the product with you and you’re on your own, amigo: No black box, no parachute, no security measures or emergency exits, just your luck!


So, in the case of a real airplane accident (which I’m terrified to even think about), you still have the guarantee that the staff are legally obligated to make their best to reduce danger as much as they can, even if it’s for their own benefit.


With car detailers however, there’s no one covering your back, chances of an “emergency landing” are a thousand times much more likely and there won’t be anyone to help you parachute out of the situation...


But, I’m not going to leave you hanging with that thought in mind. I believe experience should be shared, and after many times struggling and wasting money on useless products, I found a product that doesn’t compromise its quality because of its price...

  • Seals.
  • Protects.
  • Cleans.
  • It’s waterless.
  • Easy to apply (Spray Presentation).
  • You don’t have to worry about     nightmarish swirl marks or even scratches.
  • One application lasts longer than most car-waxing products in the market (6-12 months).


Knowledge is power, and after knowledge comes practice and evidence.

Here’s why this product is the ‘safest flight’ in the car detailing industry:

Fortify Quick Coat is based upon Si02 technology, which is a form of waterless coating that protects, seals and cleans your car. The results give you the ’glass effect’ only professional detailers achieve, without spending crazy amounts of money.

It’s a long-lasting and extremely durable product that works perfectly with any type of vehicle and other solid surfaces that require a superior shine and protection. This DIY/at-home detailing product made of a perfect blend of soaps and wetting agents, plus a superior Si02 ceramic protective coating.


Why does Fortify Quick Coat crushes the competition?


✔️ Safe materials

✔️ Easy to prove secret behind the product

✔️ Offers realistic and achievable results

✔️ Maximum benefits at a great cost  

✔️ Unbeatable balance between price and benefits

Now, what about people’s opinion? Well, see for yourself what does it feel like to have your own professional detailer inside a bottle:

Dasha W.


Just from reading some reviews, I was a bit hesitant to try this stuff but I am so happy I did. This is by far the best detail spray. And I like it because if your car is dirty, you can just wipe it right off and it looks like you did after you wash it. Highly recommend!!

Randy Slavich


I have five bottles of shine armor and used two already on my Porsche one bottle per coat ! This is by far the best my boxster has looked ! My Porsche shines more now than the showroom finish ! It’s silky smooth finish let’s even bird **** wipe right off! You have got to try this product! I sure was glad that I did ! Thanks shine armor! Pictures to come!

Fernando A.


First time user and I love the product. Quick and easy spray on and off and leave my car looking like a brand new car. I just love it . Thank you shine armor. I will be buying more of your products.

Michael S.


It truly does everything you advertise in your product. I've never seen dirt and water just fall off my truck. I'm in for life with your product.

It truly does everything you advertise in your product. I've never seen dirt and water just fall off my truck. I'm in for life with your product.

Need a strong guarantee to back it up? Lucky you...


Shine Armor knows that in order to create a lasting business, you need to stand behind your products 100%. For this reason they offer a 30 day money back guarantee for your own peace of mind.

If you’re interested in an amazing waterless solution for your car for the best possible price and a winner guarantee, you can buy FORTIFY QUICK COAT by clicking here.

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