Why to Wash Your Car After it Rains

Why to Wash Your Car After it Rains

Why You Should Wash Your Car After It Rains

Posted by ShineArmor on December 12th 2018

Rain can be unpredictable at times and chances are you are going to get caught in the rain while you are driving.

It happens to all of us. Some might take this moment as a free car wash. Many people believe rain is pure and will wash away the dirt and grime and leave your car clean. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Rain can cause more damage to your car than it helps.

As rain falls, it won’t really wash away dirt and grime. It actually does the opposite and makes your cars exterior even dirtier. You might be thinking why not it’s just pure water right? The answer is no. When rain falls, it accumulates pollutants and other contaminates this is called acid rain. When acid rain dries it will leave a thin layer of dirt. On top of that, it even seals the previous dirt and grime trapping it against your paint. Eventually this will destroy your car’s finish. The longer you leave pollutants on your car the more damage it will do to your paint. This will ultimately lead to rusting. Water will seep into cracks and unprotected metal and will rust.

So, you might be wondering what do I do after it rains?

It’s simple: You should detail your car.

It’s best to detail your car immediately after it’s dry. However, that is not always possible. A good rule of thumb is no more than 10 days. When you detail your car, you should apply a ceramic coating or wax. This will help protect your car’s finish by adding a protective layer between your cars paint and rain. This will act as a shield repelling water off your car. Another benefit of applying a wax or a ceramic coating it will make detailing your car in the future easier and less time.

Even though you can’t stop the rain, you can stop the damage rain causes on your car.

It is crucial you detail your car after rain. This will clean your car of all the grime and will help protect your car for the next time it rains. This is why you should detail your car after it rains.

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