Shine Armor Plastic Restorer
Shine Armor Plastic Restorer

Shine Armor Plastic Restorer

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Product Information
  • Premium Plastic Restoration Agent- Our plastic restorer is formulated to be fast acting and long lasting. Make your vehicle look new again in just moments! No car detailing kit is complete with out our top of the line plastic restorer!
  • UV Protection- UV rays can be damaging to your vehicles plastic trim causing it fade and crack over time. Using Shine Armors Plastic Restorer will ensure you never have this problem again!
  • Multi Use- Our plastic restoring solution also works wonders on Vinyl, Trim, Rubber, Polypropylene, and more! Degraded plastic and rubber won't stand a chance against our formula.
  • Safety- Our plastic protector does not contain any harsh chemicals. It is guaranteed not to cause damage to you OR your vehicle! Compliment your vehicles look with confidence knowing our high quality formula will keep it looking better for longer!

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